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In de maanden maart-april 1763 werd de zevenjarige Guan Anthony Sideron opgenomen in de hofhouding van de aankomende vijftienjarige stadhouder Willem V. Waarschijnlijk was hij een cadeautje van iemand of een organisatie die een goede relatie met de aankomende stadhouder wilde. Jonge, mooie, slimme en trouwe kinderen met een Afrikaans uiterlijk waren al eeuwen gewilde …

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Cupido en Sideron Cover 30-8-2017

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In the sixties of the eighteenth century, the future stadtholder William V,  receives two black children, Willem Frederik Cupido and Guan Anthony Sideron, probably as a present by The Dutch West India Company.
The seven-year-old Sideron is from the drought and famine stricken Curaçao, the slightly younger Cupido of the coast of Guinea, in Africa. The children land in a world of great luxury and abundance and rise in the hierarchy to Valet the Chambre at the court of the governor and his wife Wilhelmina van Prussia.

During the French Revolution, they flee with the couple and a small part of the court to Great Brittan. Cupido descendants now live spread throughout the Netherlands.

The black servants of the family of Orange can be seen in many paintings next to the stadtholders, princes and princesses, but very little is known about their lives.

Cupido en Sideron have been researched for years by Esther Schreuder. Based on this extensive archive research, which included dozens of documents written by Sideron, she describes how Cupido en Siderons lives went at the Dutch court. It’s a fascinating world of intricate power relationships, intrigues and double agendas.

The book is for the moment only in Dutch

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Gravin van Bylandt stichting, Mondriaan Fonds, Haags Historisch Museum, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfond, VSB fonds.


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May 28-31/ Villa La Pietra / New York University / Florence Italy Held at New York University’s historical Villa La Pietra, home of the NYU/Florence program in Florence Italy, Black Potraiture(s) II is the sixth in a series of interdisciplinary visual arts conferences Harvard University inaugurated in 2004 with Bridging the Gabs. Organizers: Awam Amkpa, …

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Who knows where I can find the painting by Jean Humbert with the portrait of Sideron? Guan Sideron is one of the black children at the court of Stadtholder William V of the Dutch republic. Sideron,  born in Curaçao (West Indies) , came mid-1763 at the stadtholders court in The Hague. He was 7 years …

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Nog steeds gezocht: Een portret van Guan Anthony Sideron uit 1763; een schilderij van Jean Humbert Amsterdam 1734 – Amstelveen 1794 Wie o wie weet waar dit schilderij van Jean Humbert is met het portret van de zevenjarige Guan Anthony Sideron? Wie is Sideron? Sideron was een van de zwarte kinderen aan het hof van …

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Anonymous Adoration of the Magi, triptych first quarter 16th century Southern Netherlands (Antwerp?) Oil on panel, central panel 88 x 56.5 cm, wings 91 x 25 cm Museum Catharijneconvent, Utrecht, BMH s00177 On this early sixteenth-century triptych we see a sumptuously clad Black King hastening towards the Virgin Mary and Child to present his gift. He is already raising the lid of the container …

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