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Writer, Art Historian, Curator 

Ultrashort bio

Esther Schreuder is an art historian, writer, curator and art critic based in Amsterdam (Netherlands).

Currently she is researching and writing a book about several black servants at Dutch courts. Publication September 2017

boek cover

In the recent past she wrote the books: CoBrA on the Canal (2013) and 100 years Hotel – Restaurant- Café  Schiller 1912-2012 (2012). She has contributed essays In: The Image of the Black in Western Art volume V part I. The Rainbow Nation with contemporary sculpture from South Africa, Black is beautiful Rubens to Dumas, Magie en Zakelijkheid and more. She was responsible for the exhibition Black is beautiful, Rubens to Dumas (2008)in the Nieuwe Kerk of Amsterdam. She took the Initiative for this exhibition and catalogue, made the selection for the exhibition and selected the authors for the catalogue. For more see below.

2015 review on CAA site The Image of the Black in Western Art Volume V part 1 and 2

2014 review in The New Yorker: The Image of the Black in Western Art Volume V part I

2014 review in The Huffington Post: CoBrA on the Canal

2014 Pieter Steinz CoBra

Review 2008 in The Financial Times about Black is beautiful, Rubens to Dumas: Shades of Black


Attending Black Portraitures conference Paris 2013

( From the Black Portraitures facebook page picture by ? )


  • The Image of the Black in Western Art: all centuries
  • European Court culture and Africa
  • Creolisation of Western art
  • Art in the Low Countries
  • Art and politics
  • Interbellum
  • Harald Szeemann
  • Ernest Mancoba
  • Contemporary art in general with an extra interest in South African art and ‘black art’
  • The cultural relations between South Africa and the Netherlands
  • Global Art discussion on theory
  • Hotels and Art
  • And more…..
  • See for detalls Overview archives


 Research, writing, publications and presentations 2015 – 2017
  • Research and writing book on eighteenth century topic (publisher Balans): Publication date 2017 (funded by Prins Bernhard Culture Fund, VSB fund, Gravin van Bylandt stichting and Mondriaan fund)
  • Paper at conference Black Portraiture{s} II: Imaging the Black Body and Re-staging Histories New York University / Harvard Florence, Italy at Villa La Pietra.
  • Collaborationproject between four artists daughters


Research, writing and publications 2014
  • Film, pictures and document research for docudrama by Marjolein Bierens november 2014
  • Research Karel Appel / Door een daad aan het daglicht getreden om zijn schoonheid te tonen.
  • Research exhibition on eighteenth century topic 2017
  • Research works by Jacqueline de Jong
  • Publication Essay: ‘Painted Blacks and Radical Imagery in the Netherlands’
    in: The Image of the Black in Western Art, volume V part I. Harvard University Press
The Image of the Black in Western Art

Review New Yorker: Can we know her? 

Review CAA  The Image of the Black in Western Art V 

Research, writing and publications 2013

Cobra on the canalCobra on the Canal recht

  • Book: Cobra aan de gracht, / Cobra on the canal (about the Cobra collection of the Ambassade hotel) in Amsterdam
  • De Nieuwe Liefde magazine: Comments on a selection of Dutch slavery images

2014 review in The Huffington Post: CoBrA on the Canal


Research, writing and publications 2012

  • Writing Essay: ‘Painted Blacks and Radical Imagery in the Netherlands’,
    ‘ in: The Image of the Black in Western Art V. Harvard University Press (publication 2014)
  • Anniversary book: 100 years Schiller 1912-2012. Initiative, idea, text and editing (ES). Design and photography Monica Schokkenbroek. September 2012
  • Essay:  ‘A certain South Africanness’ in: The Rainbow Nation – Hedendaagse beeldhouwkunst uit Zuid-Afrika / The Rainbow Nation with contemporary sculpture from South Africa. Beelden aan zee, summer 2012. Essay in English,  Essay in Nederlands 
  • And more than 100 posts on this site

More on Publications page


Presentations, readings 2012 – 2014


2014 January Lyceumclub:  Hotel Schiller in Amsterdam. The history,  the people and the paintings.

2013 November 6-7 Oslo International Black Identity Conference : History, and the representation of the Black Body

2013-11-06 20.03.05

2013 February 28 – March 1 Département Pluridisciplinaire des Lettres et Sciences humaines de St-Claude (Université des Antilles-Guyane / Guadeloupe

2013 January 28 Abcoude: The Image of the Black in the Bible

2013 January 12 The Cobra movement and artists in The Ambassade Hotel Amsterdam

2012 November 8  Hotel Schiller Amsterdam: The history,  the people and the paintings.

2012 September 28 Beelden aan zee Scheveningen: Rainbow Nation with Gavin Jantjes and prof  Lize van Robbroeck

Rainbow Nation uitn_00022012 April  Harvard Cambridge (MA) USA, W.E.B. DuBois Institute: The Image of the Black V.


Projects: Exhibitions, writing, editing, research 2011 – 2000

2010 October- 2011 

Alterating Conditions, GoetheonMain, Johannesburg South Africa

Alterating Conditions, GoetheonMain, Johannesburg South Africa (photo Esther Schreuder)


  • The image of the Black in the French long eighteenth Century. Research exhibition concept French eightieenth century Art.


  • Wakaman, drawing lines, connecting dots. Initiators:Gillion Grantsaan and Remy Jungerman. Editing: The book Wakaman, drawing lines connecting dots, contemporary Art Suriname
Moengo groepsfoto Wakaman in wording foto Esther Schreuder

2009 photo Esther Schreuder)  Suriname Moengo Manou Hartsuyker, Remy Jungerman, Lillet Breddels, Rene Tosari, Marcel Pinas, Charl Landvreugd, Iris Kensmil. Patricia Kaersenhout. Kurt Nahar, Orfeo, Marieke Visser en meer

See  <Wakaman>    


  • Black is beautiful, Rubens to Dumas:  Idea, Initiator, research, curator, writer and editing
  • Exhibition Nieuwe Kerk Amsterdam.
  • Dutch and English version cat.
  • sold out, press: worldwide attentiion  see more on BB page and  Media on BBand the many posts on this site with texts from the exhibition catalogue.


  • Negerplastieken en moderne meestersCarel van Lier, Museum of Modern Art Arnhem. Research into the exhibitions and art at Kunstzalen Van Lier (between 1927- 1943) and the current whereabouts of these works to the benefit of the exhibition

Negerplastieken en moderne meestersHarmen Meurs Carel van Lier


  • Liefde uit de Hermitage/ Love from the Hermitage Nieuwe Kerk Amsterdam. Assistant Vincent Boele and edit. cat.   

liefde uit de Hermitage          Liefde uit de Hermitage Waanders De Nieuwe Kerk Amsterdam                                                                         

2002 – 2003

  • Licht uit spot aan, 50 jaar tv cultuur door de lens Kippa / Spaarnestad fotoarchief/ Kippa. Idea, initiative, research and curator Esther Schreuder, co-curator Tamara Sterman  Press about the exhibition

Licht uit Spot aan posterParool Ps coverHD recensieParool verhaal


  • Ja ik wil Koninklijke huwelijken Nieuwe Kerk Amsterdam. Assistant John Vrieze.research Koninklijk Huis Archief / Research Royal Archives
  • Melle. Het vroege werk 1933-1945  Museum voor Moderne Kunst Arnhem. Research paintings, drawings and biography Melle. Choice and design exhibition. Idea, editing and production: Ype Koopmans

Melle PoesMelle poster 2

Review NRC:

Melle meisjeMelle poster 1___________________________________________________________________________________________

filmresearch for Exhibitions:  


Lectures past:
  • Subject: Cupido and Sideron and the family Oranje-Nassau
  • Florence
  • Oslo
  • Guadeloupe
  • Subject: Cobra 
  • Ambassade Hotel Amsterdam
  • Subject Hotel Schiller
  • Industriële Club Amsterdam
  • Hotel Schiller
  • Subject: The Image of the Black in Netherlandish Art.
  • Du Bois Institute Harvard Cambridge
  • Mauritshuis Den Haag,
  • Teylers Museum Haarlem,
  • Kunsthal Rotterdam,
  • Nieuwe Kerk Amsterdam,
  • University of Amsterdam,
  • University of Utrecht,
  • University of Leiden (Afrika Studie Centrum),
  • Second Black European Studies conference, Berlin
  • Werkgroep visuele cultuur / Meertens instituut,
  • Iziko Cape Town (museum staff)
  • And more
  • Subject: Nola Hatterman:
  • Amsterdam Museum
  • Subject: Global Art, curatorship and Quality:
  • Universy of Amsterdam December 2011


Support and commisions 

Support: My Projects where supported with funding by: Amsterdams Fonds voor de kunst, Media Fonds, Mondriaan Stichting, VSB fonds, Stichting Doen, Prins Bernhard cultuurfonds, Fonds BKVB, Dutch Embassy Suriname

Commissioners: Marjolein Bierens, Haags Historisch Museum, Jacqueline de JongAmbassade Hotel, Schiller Hotel, De Nieuwe Kerk in Amsterdam / Hermitage Amsterdam (2001-2008), Museum voor Moderne Kunst Arnhem (2001-2004), Beelden aan Zee (2012).Universiteit van Amsterdam, Harvard University W.E.B. Du Bois Institute Cambridge USA, Nederlandse Ambassade Suriname/ Dutch Embassy Suriname, Mondriaan Stichting (advies), Wakaman project, Zam Magazine, Mister Motley, ArtEsteem, Ontwerpwerk, IDtvdocs, Jop Pannekoek filmproducties, Kövesidi International Photo Press Agency (Kippa) and more.


  • Rudolf Steiner School Antwerp
  • Montessori Lyceum / Spinoza Lyceum Amsterdam
  • Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam 1994-2000

Master Art History and Archeology in 2000 Thesis: Harmen Meurs.Thesis Supervisor Prof. Carel Blotkamp.



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