Karel Appel

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Omdat er nu verschillende tentoonstellingen zijn over Karel Appel en in recensies wordt verwezen naar de uitspraak: ik schilder als een barbaar in deze barbaarse tijd: hieronder zijn uitleg dd 1962 Karel Appel over barbarisme en action painting Karel Appel in ‘Karel Appel over De werkelijkheid van Karel Appel’ een interview in De werkelijkheid van …

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Edvard Munch, The Scream, 1893 National Gallery Norway. 2015: Amsterdam has, since a couple of days an other ‘blockbuster exhibition’. With much fanfare and a lot of money from the Blockbuster fund (yes, it really exists), the Turing Foundation, Van Ende Foundation, the Ministry and many others, we are spoiled for the third time this …

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Christian Dotremont Tervuren 1922 – 1979 Buizingen Writer – poet – artist ‘Dotremont was a man of letters, a writer. He had a tremendous sense of humour and was incredibly inventive. A sort of Adventurer. He had nothing to his name. He went where his imagination or desire took him’, said Joseph Noiret, fellow co-founder of …

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