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This painting is on view in Het Haags Historisch Museum in the exhibition African servants at The Hague court. This exhibition tells the life stories of Willem Frederik Cupido, Guan Anthony Sideron and other African servants who, in slavery, were offered as presents to European courts during the eighteenth century. The exhibition highlights an aspect …

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Sources that bring the past closer (1).

This weekend I received from one of Cupido’s descendants a few beautiful old pictures (digitally).

Including this lovely one

Johanna Christina Jonkers 1929

Johanna Christina Jonkers possibly around 1929 (thank you Alma Rebel – Van Mourik)

Nice how the panties are not completely straight. And what does she have in the pocket of her dress? And what a cheeky look, she must be fun.

Between her and Willem Frederik Cupido are four generations.

detail Cupido Rijksmuseum

Cupido circa 10 years old

Willem Frederik Cupido ⇒ Wilhelmina Cupido ⇒ Wilhelmina Godefrida Hehl ⇒ Cornelia Leonardina Varossieau ⇒Wilhelmina Hubertina Brittijn ⇒ Johanna Christina Jonkers

Her family provided more information:

Johanna Christina Jonkers (born 14-3-1912 – died between 1990-1995). She married Jaap Timmers. They had a son Frans Timmers. He married and there are two children.

See for more on these and other descendants of the oldest granddaughter of Cupido:

Wilhelmina Hehl- Varossieau – Brittijn – Hage – Bilsen – Jonkers – Kloot – Weggeman – Demaat – Smit – Middendorp – Timmers – Van Mourik – Rebel

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No excuses! Last Friday I had a very good reason to go to the beach of Scheveningen (The Hague). At this beach lies the museum Beelden aan Zee. I was to early for the opening of Tirzo Martha’s first solo exhibition in the Netherlands so could enjoy the beach, views and the sound of the …

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Notable servants in two museums in The Hague. At this moment pictures with, writings by and documents about African servants (Willem Frederik Cupido, Guan Anthony Sideron and Jean Rabo) are on show in the Hague Historical museum. Next to this museum another famous servant is shown in the exhibition: Portraits from flanders in The Mauritshuis …

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  In English: In the sixties of the eighteenth century, the future stadtholder William V,  receives two black children, Willem Frederik Cupido and Guan Anthony Sideron, probably as a present by The Dutch West India Company. The seven-year-old Sideron is from the drought and famine stricken Curaçao, the slightly younger Cupido of the coast of …

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