Looking for: painting by Jean Humbert

Who knows where I can find the painting by Jean Humbert with the portrait of Sideron?

Guan Sideron is one of the black children at the court of Stadtholder William V of the Dutch republic. Sideron,  born in Curaçao (West Indies) , came mid-1763 at the stadtholders court in The Hague. He was 7 years old.

Jean Humbert, was commissioned to portray him shortly  after the arrival of Sideron (also called: Citron, Cedron and Sieleron). The painting was intended for the court.  Possibly the painting is taken, after the invasion in 1795 of the French, to France.

Deel I Hoofdstuk 1 afb 2 1763 Stadhouderlijk kwartier schilderij van Humbert Sideron NA DSC_2682
Collectie Nationaal Archief Den Haag

The seven-year-old black Sideron is probably depicted in his precious red and blue livery with a ‘more cap’ with plumes in the Dutch tricolor, red white blue,  on his head.

Sideron or Cupid by La Fargue collection Rijksmuseum Amsterdam
Sideron or Cupid by La Fargue collection Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

Later on Sideron and his younger colleague Cupid, are captured several other times in works of Art. Including a few years later by La Farque in 1767 and 1781 by Hendrik Pothoven.

Hendrik Pothoven detail Haagse kermis
Detail: Hendrik Pothoven, Kermis op het buitenhof 1781. Sideron en Cupido in het gevolg van Stadhouder Willem V

I am looking for this painting for a study about their lives that will be published in a book by publisher Balans in Amsterdam. The Prince Bernhard Culture Fund, VSB fund, Gravin van Bylandt stichting and Mondriaan Fund are supporting a part of the research.

Publication date 21-9-2017

Cupido en Sideron Cover 30-8-2017


Haags Historisch

African servants at The Hague court

21 September 2017 to 28 January 2018

In its exhibition African servants at The Hague court the Historical Museum of The Hague will showcase the lives of the children Cupido and Sideron. Originally from Curaçao and Guinea, as boys in slavery they were presented to stadholder William V as a gift. They went on to spend much of their lives as well-paid servants at the Court in The Hague. Whereas exhibitions about court life generally omit references to servants with a non-European background, this exhibition specifically focuses on servants of African descent. By doing so, the Historical Museum of The Hague is highlighting an aspect of Dutch history that remains relatively unknown.


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