On display in Paris until January 15: Mirror of the world in Musée du Luxembourg

For people who might go to Paris in December and early January, this might be a nice tip (of course there is much more to see).

The exhibition brings together remarkable artworks and objects collected beteween the 16th and 18th centuries by the Prince electors of Saxony. This dazzlingly rich collection demonstrates the political power of the Prince-elector. Featuring objects d’art, instruments and scientific books, natural materials and ethnographic objects. This exhibition places an emphasis on the artistic quality and provenance of the works, which not only reflect the many global relationships and cultural exchanges, but also the Euro-centric world view they embody.

A few historical objects are arranged so as to mirror works by contemporary artists, putting these historic collections into perspective through the key issues of our time. (info from the website)

I visited the exhibition a few weeks ago and took these photos.

Baie de mer oriental, Bonaventura Peeters 1652, Coll Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden.

Baie de mer oriental, Bonaventura Peeters 1652, Coll Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden.

A surprise was to see a digital version of the Thierbuch of Zacharias Wagener made in Brasil (1634-1642)

Wagener, son of a Dresden magistrate, left for Amsterdam, where he joined the firm of Willem Jan zoon Blaeu and , in 1634, the (Dutch) West India Company. Wageners Thierbuch includes a slavemarket in Brasil (last picture in below series).


And also:

All photos on this site are not intended for any commercial purpose. I have tried to trace all the rules and rights of all images. As far as I know, these images can be used in this way. If you ar a copyright holder and would like a piece of your work removed or the creditline changed then please do not hesitate to contact me.


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