Tate Modern: Kara Walker, Steve McQueen and women artists etc.

At the end of February 2020 I visited Tate Modern in London for, among other things, the retrospective exhibition of Steve McQueen. Since I first saw Deadpan (a wonderful new staging of a very famous scene from a Buster Keaton film), I have been more or less a fan of, in particular, his art. Unfortunately it was forbidden to photograph the exhibition, so no report of this, but my advice is to go if possible. It is again very worthwhile.

What I could capture in detail is the enormous sculpture by one of the ‘superstars’ these years: Kara Walker. She candidly explores themes of race, sexuality and violence in her work. Kara Walker: ‘My work has always been a time machine looking backwards across decades and centuries to arrive at some understanding of my ‘place’ in the contemporary moment’

For the Tate Tuban Hall Walker created a large scale public sculpture in the form of a fountain with the title Fons Americanus.

The sculpture is inspired by the Victoria Memorial in front of Buckinghan Palace in London. Walker presents a provocative critique. She uses water as a key theme, referring to the transatlantic slave trade and the ambitions, fates and tragedies of people from these three continents.

What also struck me in the countless halls ot Tate Modern, with all kinds of presentations with the permanent collection, was the attention for not Western women. for instance that of the Latin American photographer Graciela Iturbide (collected by many museums).

Lala Rukh, Rupak 2016. Lala Rukh was a socially and politically engaged artist who had a deep interest in music.

And exhibitions like Feminism and Media.

Ending with a enormous radio phallus by Cildo Meireles

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About me

In 2008 I was guest curator of the exhibition Black is beautiful. Rubens to Dumas. Important advisors: Elizabeth McGrath (Rubens and colleagues, Warburg institute Image of the Black in Western Art collection), Carl Haarnack (slavery in books), Elmer Kolfin (slavery in prints and paintings) en Adi Martis (contemporary art). Gary Schwartz made his research for The Image of the Black in Western Art available to me.

Black beautiful Rubens to Dumas cover
Black beautiful Rubens to Dumas cover

In 2014 my essay ‘Painted Blacks and Radical Imagery in the Netherlands (1900-1940)’ was published in The Image of the Black in Western Art Volume V (I). (ed. David Bindman, Henry Louis Gates jr.)

In 2017 I published a book about the black servants at the Court of the Royal Van Oranje family. More than a thousand documents have been found about their lives. (only in Dutch)

Cupido en Sideron Cover 30-8-2017

All photos on this site are not intended for any commercial purpose. I have tried to trace all the rules and rights of all images. As far as I know, these images can be used in this way. If you ar a copyright holder and would like a piece of your work removed or the creditline changed then please do not hesitate to contact me.


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