Films made for the exhibition Black is beautiful. Rubens to Dumas (2008)

In the coming years many Dutch museums, and possibly foreign ones, will pay attention to ‘black’ people in European visual art or European history. At the moment I get requests for information almost weekly about this subject, f.i. the BBC last week. I this last case I could refer the journalist to the one and only person who could answer all her questions: Prof. Elizabeth McGrath.

Herewith the result.

A lot was already addressed by Elizabeth McGrath in f.i. the catalog Black is beautiful. Rubens to Dumas, the films made for that exhibition and the documentary Painted Black / Zwart belicht by Tessa Boerman.

Below more films that were made for the exhibition. In these films more possible answers on pressing questions that arise now. The films are based on the research that was done at the time by a group of scientists (see the catalogue Black is beautiful, Rubens to Dumas) .

A film about Rembrandt:

PP  Rubens

And Rubens and the Black Magi with prof. Jean Michel Massing.

Queen Sheba with Elizabeth McGrath.

Stedman and Joanna

KNIL Soldiers

But also Jimmy van der Lak (model for a painting by Nola Hatterman)

And Jazz in Art.

And Josephine Baker in art

And Naomi Campbell by Marlene Dumas.

And Ina van Zyl

And more. (Iris Kensmil, more Rembrandt, etc.)

The films have all been made more than ten years ago, but some may be able to help the current exhibitionmakers and writers on their way. The subject suddenly seems to become urgent at last.

The films are almost all (except Iris Kensmil) put on YouTube by IDtv.


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