2018 exhibitions: Rijksmuseum

2018 Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam

High society: Four centuries of glamour

‘Top international art in the Rijksmuseum, from Cranach to Velázques and from Rembrandt to Manet. Over the centuries, many powerful monarchs, eccentric aristocrats and fabulously wealthy burghers have commissioned portraits of themselves, arrayed in all their finery, from the best painters in the world.’

My Guilty Pleasures in this exhibition:


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High Society Catalogue by curator Jonathan Bikker

Rijksmuseum: Kwab

‘Known in English as the auricular or lobate style. It can be recognized by its flaccid dripping and running forms which are often ambiguous in nature. They most closely recall dripping or solidifying candle wax. Kwab ornament was invented by a small group of renowned Dutch silversmiths around 1610. It is surprising that these peculiar and somtimes freakish forms became so fashionable. Most Dutch 17the-century art is realistic and down-to-earth. Kwab is the opposite. ‘



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Curator Reinier Baarsen, assist. Ine Castelijns van Beek, films Robert Erdmann,  tentoonstellingsontwerp Keso Dekker.

Exhibitions that I did see but did not capture in pictures were 80 years war and Document Nederland: Stacii Samidin (October 12 2018- to January 20 2019)

Both recommended.



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