Jan Wicherides son of Jan Gerard Wichers and Adjuba van Hesterslust

Wicherides DSC_2386One of the many special objects at the exhibition in The Hague about African servants at the court in The Hague was the portrait of Jan Wicheridus.

Wicheridus was not a servant.

In 1783, at the age of seven, Jan Wicheridus (1775-1802) came to the Netherlands with his father. His father was Jan Gerhard Wichers (1745-1808), gouvenor of the colony of Suirname from 1784-1790. His mother was a free woman of African descent. Adjuba van Hesterlust. The two were unmarried. Jan was born out of wedlock. The addition of ‘ides’ to the surname Wichers means ‘son of’ in Greek.

The extended family Wichers maintained close contacts and regularly visited the court of William V in The Hague. Here, for example, a visit was noted of a J Wichers in 1769.

DSC_2843 1769 Pesters Hoop Roozendaal J Wichers Van Schinne Pinto

In the Netherlands,  young Wicheridus estabilished the Hofstede Amstelmond tanneries. He Married Hendrika Maria van Lutsenburg. The couple moved to Mijdrecht and had two sons and a daughter.

In the family are photos of Wicherides offspring

familie album Wicherides DSC_2389

Wicherides died at 26 years of age. His widow commissioned the production of this medaillon, with a loch of the deceased’s hair on the reverse side.

Wicherides achterkant medaillon DSC_2387

His father Jan Gerard Wichers took at least one servant/enslaved boy with him from Suriname.

Adriaan Lelie Portret van Jan Gerhard Wichers (1745-1808), 1784 gedateerd

This young man can be seen on a painting by Adriaan Lelie (1784).

I have been looking for this work for the exhibition. It has not surfaced so far. If someone knows more about the place of residence?

Jean Jacques Vrij helped me, with succes, with the search for the medallion.

Vrij wrote about Wicherides in the past and is working on new publication.

J.J. Vrij, ‘Jan Elias Onna en het “politiek systhema” van de Surinaamse slaventijd, circa 1770-1820’, OSO, Tijdschriftvoor Surinaamse taalkunde, letterkunde, cultuur en geschiedenis 17 (1998) 2, p. 132, ill., Wi Rutu 2003 Genealogische notities over Jan Gerhard Wichers en Jan Wicherides, Jean Jacques Vrij

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