Sideron’s trip to Scarborough

During his stay in Great Britain Guan Anthony Sideron’s (Valet de Chambre of Wilhelmina of Prussia) health started to suffer.

La Fargue RP-T-00-3550 Sideron Rijksmuseum detail.jpg kleiner
Sideron around 10 years old.

In 1800 he left Hampton Court to recover in Scarborough, a health resort on the northeast coast.

A trip to Scarborough British Museu


Scarborough was known for its healing springs. Also the seawater, which Sideron bathed in, was considered to have healing properties.


What exacly Siderons (at that time 44 years old) health complaints were, we do not know. However based on this account, written by Sideron, we have a clear picture of what he did in Scarborough and how much he spent.

He stayed for three months.

Koninklijke Collecties
Koninklijke Collecties

The entire journey (including treatment, accomodation and food) was compensated by the court. The total costs (37 pounds, around 333 guilders when converted) amounted to more than Sideron’s half-yearly salary of 250 guilders. William V himself wrote at the bottom of the account: ‘Consent payment by cashier “. Ostheim from private funds.

But Sideron had not fully recovered; after his return, he was prescripted powders and pills again.

The Scarborough document was on view in the Haags Historisch Museum.

Haags Historisch

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