I love old photo’s: Cupido descendants (1)

Sources that bring the past closer (1).

This weekend I received from one of Cupido’s descendants a few beautiful old pictures (digitally).

Including this lovely one

Johanna Christina Jonkers 1929
Johanna Christina Jonkers possibly around 1929 (thank you Alma Rebel – Van Mourik)

Nice how the panties are not completely straight. And what does she have in the pocket of her dress? And what a cheeky look, she must be fun.

Between her and Willem Frederik Cupido are four generations.

detail Cupido Rijksmuseum
Cupido circa 10 years old

Willem Frederik Cupido ⇒ Wilhelmina Cupido ⇒ Wilhelmina Godefrida Hehl ⇒ Cornelia Leonardina Varossieau ⇒Wilhelmina Hubertina Brittijn ⇒ Johanna Christina Jonkers

Her family provided more information:

Johanna Christina Jonkers (born 14-3-1912 – died between 1990-1995). She married Jaap Timmers. They had a son Frans Timmers. He married and there are two children.

See for more on these and other descendants of the oldest granddaughter of Cupido:

Wilhelmina Hehl- Varossieau – Brittijn – Hage – Bilsen – Jonkers – Kloot – Weggeman – Demaat – Smit – Middendorp – Timmers – Van Mourik – Rebel

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