Jean Antoine Watteau

Watteau is bekend om zijn levendige pastels en frivole schilderijen. Hij heeft een aantal prachtige schetsen gemaakt van zwarte jongens. En op zijn schilderijen zijn, als je goed kijkt, zwarte bedienden te zien. In wetenschappelijke literatuur, zoals The Image of the Black in Western Art, worden deze werken uitvoerig behandeld.

Watteau is known for its lively pastels and frivolous paintings. He drew some of the best sketches of black youths. And in his paintings, if you look closely, you can see black servants. In scientific literature, such as The Image of the Black in Western Art, you can read more about Watteau and these works in detail.

 Antoine Watteau 1684-1721.


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In 2008 I was guest curator of the exhibition Black is beautiful. Rubens to Dumas. Important advisors: Elizabeth McGrath (Rubens and colleagues, Warburg institute Image of the Black in Western Art collection), Carl Haarnack (slavery in books), Elmer Kolfin (slavery in prints and paintings) en Adi Martis (contemporary art). Gary Schwartz made his research for The Image of the Black in Western Art available to me.

Black beautiful Rubens to Dumas cover
Black beautiful Rubens to Dumas cover

In 2014 my essay ‘Painted Blacks and Radical Imagery in the Netherlands (1900-1940)’ was published in The Image of the Black in Western Art Volume V (I). (ed. David Bindman, Henry Louis Gates jr.)

In 2017 I published a book about the black servants at the Court of the Royal Van Oranje family. More than a thousand documents have been found about their lives. (only in Dutch)

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