• February 2017: The fall of the Tsar in Russia exactly hundred years ago

2017: The Russian Revolution exactly hundred years ago



The Russian Revolution is one of the world’s largest and most influential events of the twentieth century. Not only politically also culturally.

To get an idea  about the poverty in Russia that led to the revolution you might be interested tot visit:  The Drents Museum in Assen.

This museum put on the exhibition Peredvizhniki, Russian Realism and Repin 1870-1900

The exhibition is about a number of painters who joined forces. They depicted, among other things, ordinary people, harsh condition, social injustice and hunger. Below are some examples from the exhibition.

dsc_1686 dsc_1689 dsc_1693 dsc_1696 dsc_1697 dsc_1698 dsc_1702 dsc_1703 dsc_1706 dsc_1707 dsc_1722 dsc_1724