19the century actor Ira Aldrigde? Painter JM?

Readers of this site regularly send me pictures of works of art, usually a painting, with a question. Recently I was sent a picture of this work and asked if I knew who the artist is and who the man.

Portret van Man in rood kostuum

18,5 x 13 cm, Private collection, Netherlands

The artist I would not know. Maybe he or she is English or Austrian?

There is something strange going on, it seems, with the brushwork.

Connoisseurs have, according to the owner, looked at it and thought the portrait and the background are made by the same ‘experimenting’  artist. JM

detail schilderij

JM 1888 ? Does that ring a bell somewhere with someone?

dtail handtekeningRegarding the subject. The sitter reminds me of Ira Aldridge.

Portrait_of_Ira_Aldridge,_by_Taras_Shevchenko_(1858)The 19e century American actor who became “world famous” and toured Europe, also the Netherlands.

23-3-1855 Ira Aldridge in Leiden 29-1-1855 Ira Aldrigde artikel Aldrigde leider toneelgroep Ira Aldridge 22-2-1855 Ira Aldridge in Den Haag in 1853 Othello

Has anybody more information or other suggestions? The owner would love to know more.

Portret van Man in rood kostuum

Esther Schreuder

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  1. I think it could be the same artist’s signature 30 years later. Could the drawer and painter be the same? The subject in the painting has gotten older as well as the artist, who is now working in a different medium which would cause the way one makes a mark to be different. Also signatures change and often get abbreviated over time as well. What do you think?

    1. Thank you. That’s a good suggestion. You mean he made the portrait in the fifties and thirty years later added the background and signed. But who is the artist?

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