Review in the Huffington post about Cobra on the Canal

By David Galeson Professor of Economics, University of Chicago

Here are a few standout pieces from the review:

‘Amsterdam’s Ambassade Hotel must rank at or near the top of any listing of art hotels. Its collection is vast — hundreds of original paintings, drawings, and sculptures, displayed not only in the hotel’s public rooms but also in all of its guest rooms — and of extremely high quality. And now the Ambassade has something that may be unique among art hotels: a published catalogue of its art.’


‘The text is particularly interesting because Schreuder consistently emphasizes the artists’ own viewpoints, using their own words to describe their personal histories, their artistic goals, and their experiences in Cobra. She also integrates the artists’ biographies with the art in the hotel’s collection. So for example among the book’s many fascinating insights is the account of Jacqueline de Jong, the former girlfriend of Asger Jorn, instantly recognizing Jorn’s painting, Watch Cat, as a self-portrait of the artist, when she visited the Ambassade.’

Jorn’s Watch Cat in the publication

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review in Dutch newspaper

Parool 31 december 2013